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Why is it important to clean AC coils?

Sep 7

AC maintenance is essential to avoid the summer heat. Maintain your AC's efficiency by cleaning it at least once per year and taking preventative steps to ensure they are clean when not in use.

There are two types of air conditioner coils: condenser and evaporator.

Although you might believe that air conditioners "create" relaxation, it is more accurate to say they remove warmth from the air inside your home. Air conditioning systems are powered by AC coils, which allow all this magic to occur. There are two types: condenser coils and evaporators.

The evaporator coils inside the AC unit are responsible for removing heat from your space. The condenser coils, on the other hand, are found on the outside of the unit. The condenser coils are refrigerant and transfer heat from inside your home.

Keep Your Coils Clean!

Keep the AC coils clean to allow heat to exchange freely without getting clogged by debris and dirt. An absence of regular maintenance can result in higher energy bills, consumption, and overheating of AC systems.

Dirt and grime can most damage the condenser coils outside the unit. Condenser coils that are not clean will prevent heat from transferring out of your home quickly. Your monthly bills will go up if your system has to work harder to maintain the temperature you desire.

The evaporator coils can be found inside the unit but are still open to dust. The dirty evaporator coils will not remove heat or humidity and will take longer to cool your home.

How often should you clean your coils?

Typically, your coils can be cleaned yearly by performing a seasonal tune-up. But you need to consider where your coils are located. You might want to clean the coils twice a year if you live in an area with high levels of air pollution. Frequent tune-ups are good if your equipment is old or runs most of the day.

It is a good idea to check your condenser coils once a month and use a brush to remove any debris. This will help you keep your system running smoothly between tune-ups. AC repairs can be expensive, so keeping your system clean all year is essential.

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