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What is a Standard AC Installation?

Aug 10

Ac installation Colleyville, TXWhen most people think about air conditioning installation, they imagine a huge crew of workers coming in and installing a brand new system. However, this is not always the case! In fact, sometimes a standard AC installation can be completed by a single technician in just a few hours.


In this blog post, we will discuss what goes into a standard AC installation Colleyville, TX and how you can prepare for it! Read on to learn more.


Inclusions in Professional AC Installation Colleyville, TX

Although the actual process of installing an air conditioning unit may vary depending on the company you hire, there are certain inclusions that are standard in professional AC installation Colleyville, TX. Here are a few of them:


1) Assessment of the area to be cooled.

In order to install your AC unit properly, the technician will need first to assess the area that needs to be cooled. This includes taking measurements of the space and determining the best placement for the unit. This will let you know whether you need a single unit or multiple units for your home. Not to mention the right size of the unit!


Assessing the area to be cooled is important because it will ensure that your AC unit is installed properly and efficiently. It will also help prevent any issues down the road, such as your unit not cooling your home evenly.


2) Prepping the area for installation.

Once the technician has properly assessed the area, they will then need to prep it for installation. This includes things like removing any obstacles in the way and making sure that there is a clear path for the air conditioning unit to be installed.


The technician will also need to ensure that your electrical system can handle the new AC unit. This may involve upgrading your breaker box or installing a new dedicated circuit for your air conditioner. A professional AC installation Colleyville, TX will take care of all of this for you!


3) Installation of the AC unit.

After the area has been properly prepped, the technician can then begin installing your new cooling system. This process will vary depending on the type of unit you have, but generally, it involves attaching the AC unit to your home’s ductwork and electrical system. This requires a bit of work with tools, so it’s always best to leave this part to the professionals.


Once the unit is properly installed, the technician will test it to make sure that it’s working correctly. They will also go over the warranty and maintenance requirements with you so that you can keep your new AC unit in tip-top shape!


As you can see, there is a lot that goes into a standard AC installation Colleyville, TX. However, with the help of a professional and experienced team, the process can be quick and seamless. If you need AC installation or replacement services, be sure to contact professional today!


Let a Professional HVAC Contractor Help!

Air conditioning systems are complex machines that require specific skills and knowledge to install correctly. If you’re not comfortable with doing it yourself, we recommend that you hire a professional HVAC contractor to help.


At BV Air Conditioning & Heating, their team of highly-trained technicians can handle everything from assessment to installation for you. They also offer maintenance and repair services so that you can keep your AC unit running like new all year long! Give them a call today at 817-893-6698 to schedule a consultation or visit their website to learn more about their heating and cooling services!