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How Often Should Your A/C System Be Serviced?

Aug 7

A/C maintenance Alburtis, PAAir conditioners have greatly changed over the past few years. They are more efficient, both in terms of energy efficiency and cooling capacity. But that does not mean they are not susceptible to wear and tear. This is especially true when your A/C system runs 24/7, putting a lot of strain on your unit. And without a proper tune-up plan in place, the most important components of your air conditioner will break down.

On the other hand, a cooling system that receives the proper care and attention will prevent any emergency unit malfunction. That means you can enjoy a 100% working air conditioner even when the weather is at its worst. You can also relax and unwind in your comfortable home without any worries about your energy bills going up.

But how often should your air conditioner be tuned up? Ideally, you should schedule A/C maintenance Alburtis, PA from a qualified technician at least once a year during the spring or the fall, so when the summer gets unbearable, your unit is all set to go.

Factors that Can Cause Frequent A/C Maintenance

However, you do not have to wait for one long year to pass by to take advantage of a service like a professional air conditioning tune-up. There are other factors that can cause your air conditioner to require more frequent A/C maintenance Alburtis, PA. Here are some of them:

You Live in an Area With a Hot Climate

Do you live in an area with a hot and humid climate? Or do temperature fluctuations often happen in your region? Whatever the case, your A/C unit will have to work harder to keep your living space cozy all summer long, which will cause it to wear out faster. It is, therefore, best to get your unit serviced at least twice a year if you live in such an area.

You Have Pets at Home

What if you live in a moderate climate, but you have four-legged friends at home? Pets tend to shed hair, which can clog your A/C unit’s filters and prevent proper air circulation. 

What's worse, this will be recirculated in your home while your air conditioner is running. A poor indoor air quality, however, can cause respiratory problems for you and your family. 

To ensure cleaner and fresher air, have your unit checked and cleaned regularly. But you do not have to deal with the process yourself. It's always best to let an expert HVAC company do what they do best - provide top-quality A/C maintenance Alburtis, PA.

Your Air Conditioner is on Its Last Leg

Older models of air conditioners need more frequent tune-ups as compared to newer units. This is because they are already past their useful lives and are more prone to breaking down. 

Also, keep in mind that parts for older A/C units can be difficult - and sometimes even impossible - to find. In this case, it would be best to consider purchasing a new unit altogether. 

If you do not have any idea which type of air conditioner to buy, you can always ask for help from an HVAC professional. They will be more than happy to assist you in making the best decision for your home and budget.

Stay Comfortable During Summer With a Well-Maintained Air Conditioner! 

You only want a working cooling system when the temperature outside starts rising, which is possible if you have a well-maintained air conditioner. So, don't wait for your unit to break down before you call an HVAC contractor. Instead, schedule annual A/C maintenance Alburtis, PA ahead of time from a trusted company like D&D Heating & Cooling. This way, you can avoid any inconvenience and assure yourself that your unit is always in top shape.

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