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Step By Step - Pinup Hair Tutorial

Jun 19

Pinup hair looks great! It's elegant, retro, and undeniably seductive. This step-by step guide will help you create the look. We'll show how to make pinup hair in just a few simple steps.

These tips will help achieve the perfect look no matter what your style preference is. Let's get out our curling irons and get to work!

The first step:

Start with dry, clean hair. Start with dry hair if your hair is oily.


curl your hair. Begin at the root. Sections of hair can be taken and wrapped around a curling Iron. You can hold the hair for a few moments before releasing it. Keep going until you have curled all your hair.

Threerd step:

Create Victory Rolls. Do this by taking a small section of hair from each temple, and gently backcombing it. Twist the section and place it close to your head. Repeat this process for the other side.


Finish it off with some hairspray. Add some hairspray to finish your pinup style. This will keep your hair in its place throughout the day.

Types Of Pinup Hair

Now that you're confident in pinup hairstyles, you can learn more about the styles available.

The victory roll is a popular style. Start by backcombing at the roots. Take a section of hair from each temple, twist it and then pin it to your head. Then, repeat the same process for the other side.

Rockabilly Roll is another style that's very popular. This style is similar to the Victory Roll except it has two sections of hair. Start by backcombing at the roots. Take a section of hair at each temple, twist it and then pin it to your head. Then, take the second section from behind your ear and roll up toward the front. Once you are done, pin it!

The Things You Need to Know When Pinup Hair

Here are some tips to help you do your pinup hair. You must first make sure you have the correct products. Good quality hairspray is essential. Second, be patient. This is not something you can do in five seconds. You will need to give yourself at least 30 minutes to an entire hour to do it right. Finally, don't be afraid experiment! There are so many different styles available, so choose the one that works best for you and have lots of fun doing it!

You will need to backcomb your hair starting from the roots. Then, take a section of your hair from each temple. Twist it and then pin it close to your head. Take the section of hair behind your ears, twist it and pin it to the base. Next, take the hair remaining and curl it into victory rolls. After you're done, spray your hair with hairspray so it stays put. That's it! This is it! You now have perfect pinup hair.


This is our step-by-step guide to pinup hair! We hope you found the guide helpful and are now ready to try it yourself. Pinup Studio can help! We're always here to help! Until next time, stay beautiful!

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