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5 Important Steps to Clean Your Outdoor AC

Jun 13

ac maintenanceThe rising temperature requires you to have an eye on your outdoor AC. You have to provide regular AC maintenance Modesto CA, so it can work efficiently and effectively throughout the summer.

Doing so doesn’t just help you prolong the system’s lifespan but also reduces your cooling bills and improves your comfort. This article will tell you the basics of outdoor AC maintenance, from coil cleaning and unclogging the drain line to component inspection. Keep reading below to learn more.

Step 1: Take Proper Precautions First

Safety comes first before the inspection and cleaning begin. Make sure you turn off the power from the breakers and exterior shut-off box to avoid accidents as the work goes on.

But you need to know that other air conditioning systems can have more complex issues, like faulty or exposed wiring. The outdoor AC can even have hidden electrical damage as it sits idle during winter. Make sure you handle the electrical issues carefully before starting cleaning. For the best results and to ensure your safety during AC maintenance Modesto CA, call the HVAC specialists near you.

Step 2: Clear Things Out

Due to the placement of your outdoor AC, dirt and other debris may easily find their way to the system’s components. While they may not impact the air you breathe indoors, the accumulated dirt can impede the system from working entirely. Be sure to remove the dirt, leaves, twigs, and other objects near the outdoor AC. If needed, install a grille or fence to protect the system from falling heavy objects during the storms.

Step 3: Clean the Coils

The coil in your air conditioning system plays a vital role in keeping the system working optimally to deliver cool air into your home. If it is clogged with grime or dirt, the refrigerant’s proper cycle will be affected, and the system may overheat. While hosing down the coils becomes the easy fix, it may damage the condenser fins (the fragile metal blades that may bend easily when mishandled). It’s better to call the pros to do the coil cleaning and AC maintenance Modesto CA to avoid potential accidents.

Step 4: Check the Drain Line

The drain line is located near the system’s condenser near the ground, and it might require regular cleaning for proper operation. You can do this by using a wet/dry vacuum. Some might also use a thin brush and clean out the drain line manually. Either of these steps is fine, but if the clogs form deep in the line, the experts might need a thorough cleaning. Contact your local contractor to perform AC maintenance Modesto CA

Step 5: Restore the System’s Power

You can now turn back the power after you do all the inspection and cleaning tasks. If you have turned the unit’s power off for only four hours or less, it’s okay to turn it back on. But if it is longer than that, then you may have to wait for 24 hours to switch the system on again. It’s best to talk with the experts to ensure your and your system’s safety.

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Your air conditioning system needs to stay in tip-top shape all summer long. When one of its parts runs faulty, chances are the efficiency and overall performance of the unit is affected. If you need complete AC maintenance Modesto CA, don’t hesitate to call the experts.

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