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Foolproof Hacks To Save Money This Winter 

May 19

furnace maintenanceNowadays, the weather is becoming more and more unbearable. Summer days are becoming more uncomfortable while winter nights are becoming more brutal. Like many homeowners, relying on a furnace to keep the family warm has been a common practice. However, if you're looking for ways to minimize heating costs aside from regular furnace maintenance Lafayette, LA, this article will help you!

Aside from letting your furnace do all the work and massively pay for it in the long run, there are habits that you can form to save money in the long run. Notice that these tips are minimal lifestyle changes that provide a significant impact on your heating costs. 

Let's dive in. 

Undergo a Home Energy Audit

Before taking on renovations or other fixes, having an overview of problem areas will allow you and professional auditors to plan for repairs or replacements strategically. A home energy audit can also lead to adjustments and inefficient energy habits such as constantly changing thermostat settings. 

Gear Up for the Winter

Now's the perfect time to wear fuzzy sweaters, designed socks, and other winter wear. Instead of purely relying on your furnace to keep you warm, why not try in some fashion to the mix? 

Sealing Leaks and Gaps

Guided by the result of the energy audit, you can now take action by sealing leaks and gaps that cause warmth to escape from your home. This wastage will lead your furnace to work even harder and cause premature damage. 

Aside from focusing on doors, windows, and bathrooms for gaps, don't forget to check the chimney (if you have one). You might need to retrofit your chimney and put on chimney caps. Although the installation of chimney caps is expensive and may take some time, it will save you money in the future. 

Clean Your Furnace

Schedule a date to clean your furnace before you get chilly from the winter nights. If you don't want to possibly damage your furnace because you don't know how to clean it, you can call professional HVAC companies for furnace maintenance Lafayette, LA. 

Let the Sunlight In

During the day, don't let the sun's warmth go to waste. If possible, keep your windows or curtain (if it's too cold and you don't want to open the window) open. The sun's rays will provide you with warmth during the day. Furthermore, to keep the warmth inside, you need to lower the blinds or close the curtains before the sunset. 

Turn Down the Water Heater

Another major contributor to your monthly utility bill is the water heater. If you constantly bask yourself in water above 120 degrees Fahrenheit, you might want to take it down a notch and settle below the 120 degrees Fahrenheit mark. 

Such minimal adjustment will not, in any way, impact your family's heat and is shown to be effective in germs and bacteria. Plus, by applying such small changes, you're likely to experience 7-10% savings. 

Hire Professionals for Furnace Maintenance Now!

HVAC Professionals will not only save you from worries, but they'll help you maintain HVAC systems operating at their tip-top shape. Plus, they can provide you with invaluable advice to keep your spending at a minimum. It is important that you choose a reliable, licensed and professional HVAC company such as Acadiana Comfort for services such as furnace maintenance Lafayette, LA.

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