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Common AC Problems In Summer

Apr 27

air conditioning repairExperiencing AC trouble during summer spells disaster. There are times that even with preventive or annual maintenance, issues that would need air conditioning repair Heber Springs, AR are inevitable. That is why you have to equip yourself with the right information and get to know the common AC problems, call on expert AC specialists to check on them to prevent further damage to your equipment. 

Refrigerant Leaks

Refrigerants are very important for your AC performance as their role is to eradicate the humidity or heat from your home. However, when refrigerant leaks happen, the cooling mechanism of your air conditioner malfunctions as well. Some people think that they just need to replenish the refrigerant. However, that’s not how you solve this dilemma. Fixing refrigerant leaks would mean hiring a high-quality air conditioning technician to spot the leak and make the necessary repairs to revive your air conditioner.

Clogged Drains

Clogged drainage can lead to stubborn leaks, water backup, mold formation, and foul odor that could eventually damage your air conditioning unit. If the leaks get out of hand, they can result in wall, floor, and ceiling damage. 

Loud Noise

It’s normal for AC units to create some sound, but if you hear abnormally loud sounds, then perhaps it’s time to call the AC experts to get air conditioning repair Heber Springs, AR. More often than not, strange and loud noise from your air conditioner could be because of clogs in the system.

Leaky Ductwork

Your home’s ductwork role is to transport the cool air and disperse it to different areas in your home. However, if there are cracks, holes, or leaks in the ductwork, then the cool air would escape. When that happens, the air conditioning unit will have to work twice as hard to maintain a comfortable environment for you and your family.

 Dirty Air Filter

If you allow your air conditioning system to run the entire day for weeks, then your air filters can get very dirty. Now, if air filters get clogged, this would result in diminished cooling capacity, air circulation issues, poor indoor air quality, and a reduced lifespan for your AC unit. 

The air filters must be changed on a monthly basis, so don’t miss your schedule.  Replacing your air filters can provide you with great benefits like reducing your energy bills and saving on unnecessary repairs. 

Problems with Fan

Your air conditioning unit is equipped with two fans. One fan blows the indoor air towards the evaporator coils for cooling, and then the other fan pushes indoor air to the external condenser to remove the hot air and push it safely outside. 

Problems with your fan could be due to worn-out parts, issues with the motor, dirt buildup, and reduced lubrication, among others.

AC Unit Constantly Goes On and Off

It’s quite normal for any air conditioning system to go on and off to save battery life or energy, but if it constantly turns on and off, then there must be an underlying problem.  Factors such as loose wiring, clogged evaporator coils, inappropriate sizing, and dirty air filters can contribute to this problem. 

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