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What is a heat pump and how does it work?

Apr 9

By HVAC contractors San Diego

There are many options to heat and cool your home if you are renovating, building, or upgrading HVAC equipment. Split system air conditioning is another option.

What is the difference between a heat pump and a heat pump? Why are heat pumps so good for you?

This guide will help you understand everything in plain English.


Is a heatpump a heatpump?


The heat pump is an HVAC contractors san Diego ca system that heats and cools space.


Heat Pumps are both efficient and eco-friendly because they do not use fossil fuels to generate heat.


Heat Pumps are used to heat areas below freezing. Heat Pumps are not able to provide sufficient heat in these climates.


This is changing because heat pump technology advancements have made them more efficient and even more effective in the Northeast.


What is a heat pump? How does it work?


The heat pump can be used as an air conditioner or heat pump.


A heat pump heats air and circulates it outside to cool it in hot conditions.

The heat pumps to heat the colder climates by heating the outside air and transferring the heat inside.


Although it seems absurd, this technology does remove heat from the air and makes it cold. There is still thermal energy within the air.


Heat pumps are also known to be called air source heat-pump because they absorb heat in the air. These heat pumps can also be called water sources, or geothermal heating pumps.


Heat pumps come in many styles and options.


  • Split-system heat pump


Split-system heat pumps are similar to standard residential central cooling systems. They consist of two parts: an exterior unit and an inner unit.


However, split-system heat pumps have coils that are found both inside and outside. These coils take the heat (evaporator) then release it (condenser span>


A split-system heat pump can both heat up or remove heat.


  • Also known as a rooftop heat pump or package heat pump


The packaged heat pumps work the same as regular heat pumps except that all the coils can be found in one unit. This unit is normally installed on the roof.


Ductwork runs through walls and ceilings to bring cooled or heated air inside.


What makes a heat pump split system better?


  • Heat pumps with or without heat ducts


Most heat pumps use ductwork for the distribution of heated and cooling waters.


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