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Clamp-Together Ducting offers advantages over traditional ducting systems

Feb 12

Clamp-Together Ducting offers advantages over traditional ducting systems

Clam-together Ducting offers many advantages over other ducting options. You'll see some benefits immediately, such as ease of installation or quick assembly. But others are only apparent once your system is in place.

Here are some reasons why clamping together ducting makes sense.

  • Installation Flexibility for Preordering Clamp-together or spiral-wound, ducting is extremely easy to install. Traditional spiral-wound is designed to fit equipment or systems. However, it is normal for exact fitting measurements to be a good thing. In dust-and mist-collection systems, however, you will have to wait to order your new ducting until your equipment and system have been installed. Custom ducting systems require exact dimensions to ensure proper installation. Don't forget to measure.

    By clamp-together, you can determine the number and configuration of the ducts and fittings within your collection system. Pre-ordering will allow you to ensure your dust-or mist-collection system is ready for use when your equipment arrives.

  • Food and Safety Inspections Benefits Clamp-together Ducting Systems are popular among food safety inspectors, such as the AIB (American Institute of Baking). This is because they are simple to clean.

    The AIB guidelines require that ducting be custom-made for your system have built-in cleaning access doors. This will allow employees and contractors to clean the dust collector system. This adds to the expense of the ductwork as well as makes it harder for food inspectors.

    Clamp-together Ductwork is simple to disassemble, clean, and maintain, so food safety inspectors feel confident that food manufacturers can clean their ducting systems.

  • Fire Protection – Metal ductwork is preferable by the NFPA because it can ground. PVC and plastic pipes cannot be grounded. Grounding ductwork dramatically reduces the possibility of a spark igniting an explosive cloud of combustible particles. This can pose a risk in several applications (sawdust or flour dust, as well grain dust)
  • Easy Relocation Of Key Equipment If you use custom ducting solutions and want to relocate your equipment, then you'll need to get rid of as many sections as possible.

    The clamp-together system allows for simple modifications that don't require extensive redesigns. It is possible to change a few ducting components, but all parts will be fully reusable in the new configuration. It is not uncommon to need new parts. Most parts ship within one week.

  • True modularity of OEM Systems If you're an OEM who makes systems, clamp-together conducting is a great option. You can remove the ducting from the system before shipping it to a customer. This allows for easy packing.

    Once the system arrives at your location, you can quickly assemble the pieces to make the correct configuration. You and your customers will love Columbus Airduct Cleaner Parts because they are easily replaceable or can be moved around.

Clamp-together Ducting is more secure and more efficient than custom-fabricated ductwork. Columbus Airduct Cleaners' modular design makes it possible to benefit any organization that needs mist-collection or dust collection systems. Contact us today for more information.



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