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Jan 10


By Columbus Airduct Cleaning

Indoor air quality is a key factor in the comfort and well-being of a home. Even the healthiest person can react to pollen, dust, mold, spores, or pollen. Cleaning your home's ducts regularly is one way to improve air quality. Here are some signs to watch for if your air ducts need to be cleaned.

1. Clogged ducts and vents can cause a buildup of dust and other debris.

If you notice a little dusty smell coming from the HVAC system, it is likely that your air ducts have become dirty. Normal circumstances do not result in visible dust or other debris being released by air ducts. When the heating and cooling system is turned on, the air begins flowing through the conduits. Visible dust indicates dusty air registers.

2. Air filters get clogged.

It could be a sign of a larger problem. It is important to change your filters on a regular basis. But they shouldn't get clogged up after just a few days. If they do, you should check the air-ducts.

The air filter should be changed every few months. Filters trap dust, debris, and pollen during summer and other seasons.

3. A foul odor emanating from the ducts

An odor is another tell-tale sign that there is debris in your system. This is why you need to clean out your ventilation system. If there is an unpleasant odor in your house and you are unable to find its source, it may be coming from the air ducts. It is worth getting up close and personal with all of the air registers in order to check these suspicions. You can also ask a technician to inspect the air-ducts for any potential bad odors.

4. You can find mold and mildew anywhere you look.

Your health is at risk from dust, but mold can make it worse. Mold and mildew will not only worsen your allergies or cause respiratory problems but will also quickly spread throughout the house. Mold growth around HVAC units and vent covers should be addressed immediately. The technicians will also recommend you purchase a home humidifier to combat mold growth.

5. Poor airflow or instability in the house

Uneven airflow in your bedroom or living room will tell you if your air-ducts need cleaning. The indoor airflow should also be consistent since vents supply constant airflow. If that is not the case, a technician should inspect all vents to ensure clean ductwork.

6. Rodents, insects, and vermin infect your air ducts.

Pest infestations in your house are another reason to clean your air ducts. Pest infestations are another reason why air duct cleaning is necessary. This is to prevent the spread and growth of allergens as well as other disease-causing microbes. Vermin dander can lead to serious health problems.

7. Your home becomes dusty very quickly

Everyone hates cleaning. Even worse is if dirt and dust remain in your home after you have cleaned. This could indicate that the HVAC system is directing a lot of dust to your surfaces.

8. Your heating/cooling costs are higher than average

You should expect your heating and cooling bills to be the same every year, regardless of what season. Your home systems might be responsible for your rising bills. When the ductwork gets blocked, it can cause air to not flow as freely from the cooling or heating system. In these cases, the furnace and conditioner will require more energy to maintain temperature set points. This can lead to higher bills. It is imperative to clean furnace ductwork in these situations.

9. Strange and strange sounds coming from the ductwork

If you have lived in your home while, you probably know how the HVAC system sounds. While it might be difficult to notice, your HVAC system shouldn't make too much noise. You might have problems with your ducts if you hear more than the general motor sound.

10. No records about prior air duct cleaning

If you don't remember the last time the air-duct was cleaned in your home, call a technician to clean and inspect it. Although it may not appear to be dirty, the system has likely accumulated dust during its use.

11. Your home was either just built, or has had to go through major repairs.

Construction work is always messy. Although the contractors try to clean and tidy up as much as possible, dust, dirt, or other debris can always get in, even if they do not close off the renovation areas. Dust and dirt can easily get into the HVAC systems unless they are completely covered. It is important to clean out your air ducts following any renovations.

Most homeowners realize that HVAC duct cleaning is crucial. But, many homeowners are still asking the same question: how can you tell if your ducts need cleaning? There you have it. If you observe any of the above-mentioned symptoms, please contact professional technicians.


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